When You Have Been Injured in an Accident

Go to the hospital. It does not matter if you think your injuries are minor. Your medical bills are used to help lawyers, insurance companies, and courts value your personal injury claim. You need to seek medical attention immediately after the accident in order to prove the accident had caused the injury. If you have not yet been seen by a doctor, we can arrange for you be treated by a licensed physician in your area. In most personal injury cases, we seek money damages on your behalf for some or all of the following four categories of injury or loss:

Pain & Suffering

There is no price tag on pain and suffering. Telling the story of how an injury has impacted someone's life is what sets one injury lawyer apart from the other. Before we can begin to tell your story, we need to hear it from you first. Please fill out our web form and an Attorney will contact you right away.

Lost Wages

If you have missed work or cannot work because of your injury, we can recover lost wages on your behalf. If you are not working, we can arrange for a doctor to help determine your capacity to return to work. Make sure you have your employer pay stubs or forms 1099 & 1040 if your are self employed.

Past & Future Medical Expenses

The law requires defendants to make the plaintiff whole for loses cause by negligence. That includes both past and future medical expenses. Don't get saddled with years of future medical costs when the accident wasn't your fault. We can get you access to physician specializing in treating your injury.

Bad Faith Claim Handling

Sometimes a clearly liable defendant simply refuses to pay and has to be taken to Court for bad faith handling of an insurance claim. Although rare, the law allows for 10x damages in these cases. We vigilantly watch for evidence of dishonest claim handling by insurance executives.

Organize Your Documentation

The most important thing you can do to maximize your claim is to keep excellent records of what happened. Make sure you have all your medical bills, doctor's notes, pay stubs, and any notes that you have, such as whether any security cameras in the area could have possibly seen the incident. These documents will help your lawyer achieve the maximum possible recovery on your behalf.

Send Your Lawyer to Deal With the Insurance Co.

Insurance companies earn their profits and pay bonuses by undervaluing your claim. That's why proof of your medical records and lost wages are so critical to your case. Those records help prevent the insurance company from undervaluing your claim. We aggressively prosecute your claims against an insurance company to the absolute fullest extent of the law. Help us help you by empowering your lawyer with excellent documentation of your injuries and lost wages. We can arrange for you to see a physician right away.

Maximize Your Recovery.

Working together, we can organize the documentation of your injury and it's effect on your life and ability to work. That evidence will put your lawyer in a much better position to negotiate the highest possible settlement value for your case. There is no fee unless we recover money for you.