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Those with mobile service direct from major carriers like ATT, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.. will receive this test message from a 5-digit short code: 67329 or 81593. Both are used for load balancing and system redundancy.
Those with mobile service through smaller carriers (Cricket, Boost, Straight Talk, etc..) require alternate routing and will receive this test message from a 10-digit long code.

You may wish to save these originating numbers in your contact list under "AlertsUSA", making recognition of the sender more intuitive.

You can also download an AlertsUSA logo to and associate it with that entry in your contacts. Click HERE to open the image in a new browser window. Use Google to determine how to add a photo to a contact on your particular mobile device.

Please allow a few min for this test message to be received. In the rare instance a test message is not received within 30 min, simply send us a short email (service [at] and we will rapidly resolve the issue. Considering the number of carriers and hundreds of millions of numbers, message routing, etc.. sometimes there is a hiccup but they are easily corrected.

The method we use to follow up on alerts sent to your mobile device is our weekly email newsletter, Threat Journal, as well as our podcast under the same name. You have been automatically subscribed to the newsletter. Please keep your subscription as key information and news streams on developments in the Americas, Asia, Middle East and Europe are covered in each issue.

While not every development warrants an alert to your mobile device, there are multitudes of lesser, or developing threats, that do warrant your attention.

If you are already a subscriber, there is no need to delete any mailings. You will not receive duplicates.

In addition to Threat Journal, we also provide a regular flow of news and information via our social media streams. Used together, you have many tools available to stay in touch with a rapidly changing threat environment. Simply stated, we only cover the bad stuff.